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“So, I hear you blacked out again?” He questions me.
“Yes, and yesterday as well. Thankfully a school friend found me just before I blacked out and brought me to his place to recover.” I answer honestly. No point in hiding anything as I want to get whatever is wrong with me figured out.
“Ok, young lady. The lab results haven’t arrived back yet, but let’s get some fresh blood work to compare and I’ll put an ASAP on the order to get quicker results. I also want to go ahead and order a CT scan to start off with. Depending on those results we may need to go deeper and do an MRI.” He looks over at my mother as he mentions the testing.
I look over at her as since I’m not an adult, all of this is on her say so. She looks back at me, “Are you ok with going ahead and having all of the testing done today, sweetie?” She asks.
“Sure, might as well while we are here. Should you go out and let dad and everyone know, that way they can go home if needed?” I say. “Tell Bryce he doesn’t have to stay. That I’ll text him when I get home.” 
“Honey, I don’t think that boy is going anywhere.” She grins secretively. 
I look at her curiously, what in the world is that smile about? Before I can ask her about it, she turns to the Dr. and says, “Go ahead and set everything up, I’m going to go tell everyone in the waiting room what’s going on.” She hurries out of the room.
I look at the Dr. and say, “Guess we’ll be doing all those tests.” He nods, starts walking towards the door and says “I’ll get the orders put in now. A nurse should be in shortly for the blood work.” He shuts the door behind him.

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